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Aruba Enterprise for Gorent

Delivering flexibility and sustainability with the cloud.

The company

Established in Florence in 2002, Gorent offers a rental service for waste collection and urban cleaning vehicles, owning the biggest fleet in Italy. In additional to rental services, Gorent has also developed two other business lines, namely: second-hand vehicle sales and collection and exchange. The parent company, which focuses on renting vehicles, has been joined by a company that manages waste collection and the disposal of waste oils. As well as operating in Italy, Gorent has also expanded into Europe, in France and Spain in particular.


The company felt the need to equip itself with an infrastructure capable of supporting rapid business growth, that met to the following requirements:

  • an infrastructure with dedicated resources;
  • fast access to information;
  • streamlined expenditure;
  • implementation of a Disaster Recovery solution.

The solution

Aruba's Private Cloud provided Gorent with the solution it was looking for. This IaaS solution means it can create Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) with virtual servers, firewalls and networks. All resources are exclusively dedicated and can be adapted in real time. Gorent chose Aruba Enterprise as a dependable partner offering a dedicated team of highly qualified technical staff, provided to design and manage its own infrastructure.

“The company has grown so much over the last two years and this has led to a substantial increase in hardware on the infrastructure side. The diversity of the business meant that we needed a flexible infrastructure and for this the Cloud was the perfect solution.” Giordano Betti, IT Manager Corporate, Gorent

The project

Given the apparent requirements, Aruba Enterprise designed an infrastructure for Gorent based on the Private Cloud and located at the Global Cloud Data Center IT3 in Ponte San Pietro (BG).

The infrastructure was then made secure thanks to a Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS) solution based at the Data Center IT1 in Arezzo, around 300km away.

The data centers chosen for the Gorent project are:

  • compliant with Rating 4 ANSI/TIA-942 standards;
  • green, as they are designed to minimize their environmental impact and powered by 100% renewable energy.

“With the Cloud, we have been able to optimize costs by reducing expenditure on pure hardware. We are able to create virtual machines both for operators and the servers that need to support them, incredibly easily and flexibly. This means that machines that are no longer needed are disposed of, for the benefit of servers dedicated to a growing business.”

Giordano Betti, Corporate IT Manager, Gorent

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