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Aruba Enterprise for InnovaPuglia

Trust processes and remote signature solutions to simplify and innovate administrative processes for the Puglia Region

The company

InnovaPuglia is a company that was set up in 1969 as C.S.A.T.A., Centro Studi e Applicazioni in Tecnologie Avanzate (Center for Studies in Application of Advanced Technologies) at the University of Bari. In 2008, it became an in-house company under the control of the Puglia Region, working as:

  • A SKILLS CENTER FOR INTEGRATED PURCHASING MANAGEMENT and Aggregator for the Puglia Region (Soggetto Aggregatore della regione Puglia, SArPULIA), regional purchasing center and territorial purchasing center (L.R. 37/2014) to promote and develop the process of rationalizing and aggregating purchasing processes for labor, goods and services for the Regional Health Service and local authorities and bodies in Puglia, including by developing and managing eProcurement IT tools and the EmPULIA platform.
  • A SKILLS CENTER FOR REGIONAL ICT MANAGEMENT to support the Puglia Region in its role as Territorial Aggregator for Digital Technology, to simplify relationships with public administrations, rationalize ICT public spending and improve the quality, accessibility and usability of the services offered to citizens. It is the sole body responsible for the technical coordination of the work planned within the context of the Digital Puglia regional strategic plan, Puglia Digitale.
  • AN INTERMEDIARY BODY, pursuant to the EC regulations in force, for the provision of public financial support as stipulated by the 2014-2020 EC structural funds plan, designed to help the regional ICT sector grow and boost ICT in SMEs' production processes. It is a technical support center dedicated to digital research and innovation.

The requirements

To facilitate the simplification of the Region's internal processes, telematic procedures have been developed, many of them on the Bandi PugliaSociale and Sistema Puglia portals, involving a large number of Puglia's businesses and citizens.

The provision of digital and telematic services as a strategic choice in the Puglia Region has led to a growing need to innovate and manage an increasing number of certified email accounts and digital documents appropriately.

It is within this context that the Diogene project was born, creating the compliant Document Management System adopted by the Puglia Region, integrated with the regional PEC and IT Protocol services and with the vertical systems that manage telematic procedures. The evolution of document services is in fact moving towards the establishment of digital records for businesses and individuals, as well as towards advanced digital services based on cutting-edge technology.

The Solution

Optimization means simplification and integration. To ensure this, various solutions have been put in place that might be regarded as drivers for innovation: starting with Remote Digital Signature services with Display and Mobile OTPs, as well as Timestamps and access using unique SPID credentials, making the whole process digital.

More specifically, “PugliaFD” was created, made up of a regional Information System component that provides Remote Digital Signature, Qualified Seal and Timestamp services integrated into the Diogene Document Management system, which has been made available to all systems in the Puglia Region. This means that the solution makes it possible for regional documents to be signed, simply by users entering their credentials and the One Time Password (OTP). Diogene and PugliaFD are made up of a Single Service Center to help make PAs in Puglia go paper-free and become more streamlined, which in turn will help extend services to all local authorities and public bodies operating on regional platforms.

The same solution includes the Timestamp service, which can certify digital processes with details of the accurate date and time added to the electronic document in question.

The entire process sums up the customization and integration of different kinds of Trust Services – from remote digital signatures to certified email accounts, timestamps and compliant digital storage – within a single document workflow, allowing all processes envisaged to be paper-free, thus making document management easier for PAs.

The benefits


Using digital solutions has meant that InnovaPuglia can give the Puglia Region a single integrated system that defines standard management processes and a series of solutions that offer new approaches, effectively making it possible for different procedures to be monitored and assessed in terms of quantity and quality.


To sum up: tracking documents, simplifying the entire process and having secure access, documents and data - which are also regulated by the Italian Digital Administration Code and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - are all elements that offer benefits to Public Administration and citizens.


In addition, there is the option to work with custom SLAs and use services provided by Tier 4 proprietary Data Centers, which ensures the reliability of the service itself, as well as security and confidentiality for the data being stored in data centers on Italian soil, fully compliant with European legislation.

“Simplifying the entire digital process and tracking documents, combined with the use of Trust Services provided by certified data centers guarantees that we are fully complying with the Italian Digital Administration Code and the GDPR.” Luca Cicinelli, Project Manager, InnovaPuglia S.p.A.

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