Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for the CNI

We’re working with the CNI to deliver advanced PEC certified email and digital signature solutions.

The organization

The Italian National Council of Engineers (CNI) is a long-established organization founded in 1923 that now has some 240,000 members. The CNI is responsible for overseeing the ethical behaviour of its members. It operates throughout Italy and is organized into regional associations, one for each province: each association elects national councilors in an election called by the Ministry of Justice. This demonstrates the importance of the professional institution, which has been included in the Republic's laws since 1946.

The CNI's purpose is to provide support not only to the end user, but also to the public administration, through its members, who will be able to develop projects, support their activities and act as a representative for activities commonly carried out by the public administration.


It was essential, as well as being a legal requirement, to provide all members with certified email accounts in order to optimize communication between organizations and engineers registered with the association, between the engineers themselves and in general to certify these messages by giving them legal validity. The encounter with Aruba Enterprise was a decisive one in this respect.

“We realized immediately that the company would be the perfect partner because it made it possible for each individual member to be identifiable. More specifically, the domain on the PEC system, [email protected], means that each engineer can be uniquely distinct.”

Council Member and Secretary, Angelo Valsecchi

Thanks to an extension that exclusively identifies engineers, it is even possible to pass on information to fellow engineers and professionals, making it easy to find the address of a member of the association in a particular regional office.

The Solution

Through its AgID accredited Certified PEC Managers and Certification Authorities, Aruba PEC and Actalis, Aruba Enterprise has provided a set of important services, such as E-billing and digital identity, elements that speed up business practices and guarantee collaboration with a certified company. All of these tools impact on the productivity and lifestyle of professionals who, as a result, can focus exclusively on their work as engineers, without having to worry about other activities that are not strictly their core business.

The establishment of an excellent relationship with the Aruba Enterprise division also helped enormously. The assurance of always being able to have direct contact with someone who can respond to your needs was essential. Satisfaction comes not only from the cost of a service, but from how that service is provided. From the regional feedback received, it is clear that Aruba Enterprise is working constructively to listen to members needs.

The Benefits

Having a platform that performs consistently well without any particular problems, enables professionals to remain up to date. What’s more, quantifying time and money is still important so being able to use an IT communication tool such as a PC to manage digital signatures, results in significant time savings.

Security is another vital consideration: to date, the Council has never had a critical breach. These days, the guarantee of data protection is invaluable.

Managing actions, functions and above all electronic storage, will contribute to a better use of resources. Mindful of the planet’s limited resources, anything that helps protect the environment by reducing paper consumption is positive. Companies committed to being greener offer real hope for a profession like engineering, which is dedicated to improving people's lifestyle, but also to safeguarding our planet.

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