Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for the lombardy region

Compliant digital storage solutions for public health.

The organizations involved

Lombardia Informatica (now ARIA S.p.A., Azienda Regionale per l’Innovazione e gli Acquisti (Regional Body for Innovation and Porcurement)), identified and communicated its requirements and subsequently carried out an invitation to tender for the management of compliant digital storage of documents produced at both healthcare and non-healthcare organizations in the Lombardy Region.


In a diverse and complex organization like the Lombardy Region, the need for a single Compliant Digital Storage system became apparent which would enable healthcare organizations, regional bodies and related institutions to manage their own documents guaranteeing their authenticity, integrity and availability.

The solution

The solution implemented was developed by combining the expertise of Aruba, EOS Reply and Gmed in a joint venture. Aruba Enterprise contributed to the solution by customizing and re-engineering its own compliant digital storage system to fit the delivery model defined by ARIA S.p.A.. The infrastructure hosting the service, distributed between the three main Aruba Data Centers, was designed with particular attention to detail.

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