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Cloud for Public Administration

We are cloud service providers with infrastructure and ACN (Agency for National Cybersecurity) qualified services for management of standard and critical data of the Public Administration.

hybrid cloud infrastructure design and management, without vendor lock-in

Want to open your IT infrastructure to an external cloud platform without exposing yourself to the risk of vendor lock-in? We can help. Working on a full technology stack with foundations in data center infrastructure (including hybrid, with on-premises components), we design solutions tailored to your company's real needs.

Our Cloud Enterprise offering lets us respond to customers’ IT complexity, driven by a team of solution architects who work every day to find the right technological solution for specific business objectives.

cloud enterprise products and services

Cloud infrastructure: Cloud platforms integrated with physical and on-premises environments

A full range of cloud infrastructure services with different levels of customisation, from a Private Cloud service on a shared infrastructure to solutions with greater control on a dedicated infrastructure, Dedicated Cloud and HyperConverged Cloud. We are also IaaS and SaaS suppliers qualified by ACN to provide Cloud services to public authorities.

Data center infrastructure: Customisable colocation, server hosting and connectivity services

Our Italian network of data centers, certified to the highest levels of infrastructure quality, represents a huge asset for us and our customers. As well as guaranteeing that data will be based within the country's borders, ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 certification represents a benchmark for public authorities.

Data protection and compliance: Backup and disaster recovery services for IT and data security

Our cloud services help companies achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. The ability to keep the business running even in the event of a physical or technical incident is one of the cornerstones of secure data processing underlying European legislation.

IT service management and design: Managing the entire IT infrastructure lifecycle

Our qualified and ITIL certified staff can carry out ITIL-compliant processes and develop customised ITSM processes. This means we can give businesses the option of managing their technological infrastructure throughout its entire life cycle, from design through to total outsourcing in production.

the benefits of cloud enterprise

Clear service levels and customised contractual terms

Clear service levels and customised contractual terms

Our Cloud Enterprise service levels (and the associated guarantees) are clearly defined, both in terms of the cloud infrastructure and for the IT Service Management component. We offer a flexible approach to individual contractual conditions.

Over and above the limits of the public Cloud thanks to hybrid architectures

Exceeding public cloud limits with hybrid architectures

Cloud Enterprise lets you integrate private or dedicated cloud services and physical hardware into your company's technological infrastructure "as-a-service". The development of hybrid solutions enables us to respond effectively to complex demands, which the public cloud would not be able to fully meet.

Platform and equipment certifications to meet your company

Platform and equipment certifications to meet your company's needs

We can deliver enterprise-class services that fully comply with a wide range of different industry standards. The development of hybrid solutions also allows us to design complex architectures with certified devices that would not be possible in public environments.

Peace of mind with data locality, compliance and security

Peace of mind with data locality, compliance and security

Our certified Italian network of data centers guarantees the security and location of your critical data, both of which are fundamental for compliance with European legislation. You know that your data will stay in Italy. Furthermore, there are clear benefits in terms of service management both for public and private sector customers.

solution architect: striving for the best technology at the lowest cost

The design of every single Cloud Enterprise solution is based on the high-level IT skills of our Solution Architects. Their mission is to meet the needs of companies by fulfilling two goals: maximum quality and minimum cost. Only after a careful, direct period of consultation with the customer does the process of planning and designing the solution begin.

Cloud Enterprise: a flexible approach to Cloud technology

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Our solution architects are available to offer more details about the best Cloud Enterprise services for your business.
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