Data centre infrastructure solutions

We support businesses that look beyond the boundaries of traditional data centre infrastructures with customised solutions, from pure colocation to total outsourcing.

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data centre infrastructure is moving towards hybrid it

With the development of cloud technologies, IT infrastructure flexibility has become standard. The concept of a corporate data centre has changed, gradually moving towards a hybrid approach. This move requires specialised external support on various levels, from infrastructure design to outsourcing management.

Selecting a technology partner with experience of data centre infrastructure is a key component of the strategy of every major IT organisation. For years, we’ve been looking after businesses' digital assets at certified eco-friendly data centres with the highest levels of infrastructure quality and using the best technology.

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Rating 4 ANSI/TIA 942

Our data centres are compliant with the highest levels of infrastructure quality and resilience stipulated by ANSI/TIA 942 Rating 4.

Guarantee of Origin

Since 2011, Aruba Data Centres have been powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy from sources certified by the European Guarantee of Origin scheme.

ISO 9001 | 14001 | 27001 | 50001

Our infrastructure is certified for quality management (ISO 9001), information security (ISO 27001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and energy management systems (ISO 50001).

ISO/IEC 27017 | 27018 | 27035

Our infrastructure has received compliance declarations regarding cloud security controls (ISO/IEC 27017), the management of personal data in the cloud (ISO/IEC 27018) and the management of security incidents and events (ISO/IEC 27035).

our data centre infrastructure solutions

Unparalleled infrastructure design expertise

Our architects can design and implement solutions in all environments, from physical IT infrastructures to complex hybrid ones.

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Focus on security by migrating computer systems

Our specialist engineers provide design and implementation support when migrating data and IT infrastructure to one of Aruba's data centres.

Grow your IT infrastructure in both physical and virtual environments

We support the growth of the company's IT infrastructure by acquiring computing resources, both physical and virtual, outside of the company's data centre. The new computing and storage services, based at our data centres, will be managed centrally and on-premises.

Move business equipment with colocation to a secure, monitored data centre environment

We provide a comprehensive range of colocation solutions, from individual racks to dedicated data centres. In addition to access to the data room, you can request the use of office spaces or warehouses.

Develop your company's network with the most appropriate connectivity service

From our data centres, we offer connectivity services on various levels, both managed - with a broad range of national and international operators up to Tier 1 level - and autonomous (carrier neutral). From the Milan PSP data centre, traffic can be exchanged with all the operators on the Milan Internet eXchange, thanks to the MIX Point of Presence.

Managed data centre infrastructure solutions

We monitor and manage companies' IT infrastructure, with various levels of involvement according to their specific needs – from targeted support on specific processes to total outsourcing.

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Delegate the technical management of your it infrastructure with total outsourcing solutions

With our total outsourcing solutions, we can handle the technical management of all your IT infrastructure. Our data centre staff will take care of all the updates, monitoring and equipment maintenance. This leaves you free to focus your efforts on the application dimension and your core business.

virtual tour of the largest data center campus in italy

Aruba’s Global Cloud Data Centre is a 200,000m² data centre campus near Milan, where personalised services are available on various levels, from simple colocation to total outsourcing of IT infrastructure. All systems have been designed and built with the best technologies and to the highest technological standards.

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