Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Teleskill

Teleskill Italia: Entrusting Aruba Enterprise Private Cloud with videoconferencing and e-learning.

The company

Teleskill is a company dedicated to digital innovation in e-learning, under the management of Emanuele Pucci. It designs, develops and releases digital solutions for implementing e-learning training projects and online communication, effectively applying its own software in the development of vertical solutions dedicated to professional training, remote learning, interactive audiovisual communication via the Internet and the remote sharing of informative and training videos.

Teleskill's software solutions are distinguished by being 100% Italian and completely their own, by their ability to adapt to different requirements, and thanks to the Training Angel support service, available to assist application users at all times, whatever their requirements.

Founded in 1999, Teleskill now works with companies of all sizes in Italy and around the world, constantly developing innovative, original solutions to create added value for businesses.


Teleskill's videoconferencing services connect a large number of users, which can reach up to tens of thousands of people. For users to be connected effectively at the same time, they need guaranteed bandwidth. Teleskill also required a dedicated infrastructure, able to cope with peaks in traffic and adapt to times of high user numbers, as well as to periods of more regular traffic.

The Solution

Teleskill's professional live videoconferencing service uses bandwidth in private cloud mode. This service offers maximum flexibility when it comes to using computational and bandwidth resources, which means that all users are guaranteed access their e-learning projects, courses and lessons.

Over the years, the solution proposed by Aruba Enterprise has been recognized for its value in terms of performance as well as the quality of the services offered. Furthermore, the service is provided by a network of Rating 4 data centers, a standard that guarantees the highest levels of infrastructure resilience, meaning that Teleskill can keep its users' data completely safe.

The Benefits


It has been essential to have been able to count on a partner that has allowed Teleskill to focus on its own business and on the development of solutions alongside Teleskill Live. This has resulted in the launch of webinar software - online mediation software, for example, and the creation of vertical features of the service, which have been able to rely on guaranteed bandwidth.


In addition, like Teleskill, Aruba is an Italian company, whose Enterprise division’s focus on consultancy and dialogue has proved invaluable: an ongoing comparison of IT elements has made it possible to find the right solution by interpreting what was actually required.

Future developments

Today, Teleskill is one of the best known digital innovation companies in Italy in the professional videoconferencing sector. This is a project and a partnership that makes it possible to keep up with innovation at all times, through the use of technologically advanced IT environments.

“A result that makes us proud, and one that would have been harder to achieve without a partner like Aruba Enterprise, who are always ready to talk and who let us keep up with IT innovation.“ Emanuele Pucci, Managing Director of Teleskill Italia

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